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Covid and Travel - Not for Anti-Vaxxer's Sorry

Coming soon to an airport departure lounge near you:

Boarding pass? Check.

Photo ID? Check.

COVID-19 vaccination certificate? Whaat

The European Union is proposing it. The majority of popular travel destinations require proof of vacinnation to enter their country. You’ll never get into Australia or New Zealand without it. The U.S., which is never shy about raising its drawbridges for America-first protection, will probably require proof of vaccination for inbound travellers.

Be it a digital imprint on your passport, a QR code that can be scanned from your phone at the security gate or a stamp on your health care card, something should be in the advanced planning stages by a government which insists we’ll see vaccination for everyone before the summer ends.

As for the anti-vaxxer crowd, well, perhaps it’s time to get booking those domestic staycations for the next few years.

Until COVID-19 has been vanquished to the pandemic history books, you’re going nowhere.

That’s the bottom line.

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