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Hot Vax Summer

In mid-July, 130 swingers, romantic couples who consensually swap partners for sex, descended upon a French naturist village for the hot post-vaccine summer of their dreams.

Claudia and Pepe Aguirre, a swinger husband-wife duo and founders of Luxury Lifestyle Vacations (LLV), organized the annual trip for the tenth year in a row.

They told Insider this year's getaway was more sexually charged than ever before, despite fewer people in attendance due to the pandemic.

"You would think it would be tampered down by COVID but quite the opposite. There are a lot of folks there in their 60s and 70s and they know they don't have many years left with their partners. You could literally see the sexual liberation in the air," Melissa Vitale, a publicist for Luxury Lifestyle Vacations who attended the trip, told Insider.

Since most of the Aguirres' swinger clientele come from the United States, they take extra care to acclimate them to the more open sexual environment Europe offers. After giving guests a tour of the resort's amenities, they set them free for a week of sex, pool parties, fine dining, naked sunbathing, and clubbing.

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